Each of our kitties are dewormed, core vaccinated (FVRCP & Rabies),  given Flea Prevention, and spayed / neutered when at age or required body weight, before adoption.

Our cats and kittens are tested for feline viruses or diseases if recommended by a Veterinarian, based on signs or symptoms that indicate need. (Please see FeLV & FIV page for more information). is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and foster based rescue. We realize that Trap Neuter and Return/ Release (TNR) programs spay earlier than 3 mos. or at 2 lbs. We are not a TNR group. Our kittens are Spayed or Neutered when 3 lbs weight as our veterinarians recommend.

Once you are an approved adopter, you may meet and visit with cat or kitten before adopting. Adoptions can be finalized within 72 hrs. after approval for an already spayed or neutered cat, and within two weeks of when a kittten or cat is spayed or neutered.

ADOPTION DONATIONS:  We request adoption donations to offset the cost of general veterinary care including vaccinations, spay or neuter. 
Your donation is fully tax deductible.
                        Cats over 5 yrs. $  65.00
               Cats over 1yr - 5 yrs. $  90.00
               Kittens 3 mos. - 1 yr . $ 100.00