Board of Directors

Diane T. Palmer

President & Treasurer

Diane Palmer is the Founder of and serves as the President and Treasurer. Ms. Palmer oversees the daily and long range operations of She is a retired Advanced Practice Nurse. with 45 years in the non-profit health care sector and over 40 years of Cat Rescue and Cat Care experience in PA and NJ. She has been a cat lover and owner her entire life and is also Foster cat mom to our on site Foster Cats and Kittens. She has resided in Gloucester City since 2008.

Christine Cheeseman


Christine Cheeseman is the Secretary of the Board. She was a Pharmacy Assistant for over 20 years, a volunteer clerk for local Law Offices and a fundraiser for Gloucester City High School. She is a lifetime resident of Gloucester City. She was a co-Founder of the Feral Animal Society of Gloucester City in 2019. Ms. Cheeseman is a foster cat mom to our on site Foster Cats and Kittens and organizes our local off-line fundraisers.

Pat Klein

Feline Humane Education Coordinator

Patricia Klein is a Registered Professional Nurse with 40 years experience Clinical Care and Documentation Education. She has over 20 years of cat and dog rescue experience and is an avid wildlife and companion animal advocate. She is a dog and cat owner and has rescued and fostered cats for many years. She is trained in and practices Animal Reiki with sick and injured animals. Patricia lived in Sewell, NJ for over 50 years and now resides in Delaware.

Lindsay Milewski

Event Coordinator

Lindsay plans and coordinates our larger range fundraising events.She has seven years of Event Planning experience in the public sector and 2 years of Fundraising with Pet Savers in Woodbury, NJ. She has been a Mortgage Loans Processor for the past 10 years. She was a volunteer at Gloucester County Animal Shelter for 8 years, is an avid cat lover and owner and has been foster cat mom. Lindsay grew up in Gloucester City.

Joe Tenuto

Trap & Rescue Coordinator

Joseph Tenuto is a Board Member whose primary focus for our organization is Trap and Rescue. Mr. Tenuto is a retired business man who has helped TNVR feral cats for over 40 years in the Collingswood and Cinnaminson areas. Mr. Tenuto moved to Gloucester City in 2016 and expanded his TNVR work to include Gloucester City cats on his own.

Eric Michael Sanchez


Eric is a professional musician (ERIC13) who absolutely loves cats. Eric generously uses his professional musician platform to advocate for cats and raise funds for and other 501(c)(3) public charity non profit animal rescues. In addition to promoting our organization, he volunteers as a cat socializer.

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