CATS-R-US.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates solely to prevent cruelty and to alleviate the suffering of cats.  *

     We believe that no cat or kitten should be abused, neglected or abandoned,  nor be euthanized because they are homeless, and that every kitten and socialized companion cat deserves a permanent loving home.**

     Our mission is to rescue and advocate for kittens and homeless companion cats and provide care for them until they are adopted.

   * CATS-R-US.org is located in Gloucester City and rescues in the Camden County, New Jersey area.

* *Twenty-five percent of cats in feral cat colonies are homeless companion cats that were once pets .... if  kittens are not socialized to humans by the time they are eight weeks of age, they will not usually be suitable as in-home companion cats.
~ International Companion Animal Management Coalition